Our first run of the D2020 sold out in less than 2 weeks. But you can PRE-ORDER them now from the next run, which will arrive at the end of November and ship out in early December. Please be absolutely sure to note this timeline when ordering!

(Or, if you're in Vancouver or Toronto, you'll soon be able to get one at Storm Crow Alehouse or Storm Crow Manor!)

What's better than a D2020? 20 of them, at a savings of over 20%! Go in with your friends on a veritable passel of our best-selling helldice, or snag a sack of them to give out as gifts for any of the upcoming holidays this fall/winter (sacred and/or profane). 

If you choose to give one of these as a Secret Santa gift, please take a video of the recipient's reaction and send it to us, would you?

The D2020 is 40mm, or twice the usual size of a d20.

Extras include:

  • An appropriately blood-red dice bag to keep it in!
  • Two blank stickers to update the sides with new horrors as they arise this year!
  • A Mad Libs-style fill-in-the-blank apocalypse game to play with the D2020; each die comes with a copy!

    Sides include:
    Locust Swarm
    Online Education
    Zoom Happy Hour
    Meth Gators
    Market Crash
    Bleach Injection
    Lockdown Hair
    Donald Trump
    Australian Brushfires 
    Hand Sanitizer
    Murder Hornets
    Autonomous Zone
    World War 3
    X Æ A-12
    Tiger King