Apocalypse Wow! 2020 Ultra-Mega-Pack

Our first run of the D2020 sold out in less than 2 weeks, which means that the Apocalypse Wow! pack is currently sold out. But you can PRE-ORDER a D2020 now from the next run, which will arrive at the end of November and ship out in early December. When the D2020s arrive, the Apocalypse Wow! packs purchased between now and late November will ship!

(Or, if you're in Vancouver or Toronto, you can now get a D2020 at Storm Crow Alehouse or Storm Crow Manor!)

Fires! Plagues! Earthquakes! It's 2020, y'all, and the world is extremely WTF.

But you know what's still alive? ONLINE SHOPPING.

Our Apocalypse Wow! Ultra-Mega-Pack comes with everything you need to survive the absolute dumpster inferno of the Plague Year. Here's what you get:

It's a $270 value for $202.0!