1898 Markham Ave.

Toronto, Ontario


Dear Applicant,

Do you have high expectations and big ambitions for your life? Are you haunted by the unseen places in the world? Have you always wanted… more?

If so, a position with Kauket Analytics and Operating Systems may be right for you.
Our research department is actively recruiting smart, adventurous candidates whose sense of self-preservation is balanced by a willingness to take risks. Our team has experienced some recent attrition due to unforeseen catastrophic events, but we are hopeful that our new recruits will play a key role in preventing these events’ recurrence.
We offer an exceptional compensation package, including travel allowance, complimentary anti-undead protection rites performed by our own on-site oracle, extended health insurance and generous death benefits.

Should you wish to join our team, a welcome package with the necessary components will be mailed to you. Do not be alarmed if these components behave in unexpected ways.


Kevin Smith


~ Curator’s Note ~

Our newest and most elaborate cosmic horror experience, Nyarlathotep is also our first two-crate product, featuring several app-based Augmented Reality puzzles. Trace clues from a sinister high-tech corporation through history to discover and foil an ancient evil.

2 Crates

(horror themes)

Puzzle Difficulty:

Ships 7-14 days
after purchase

"This is the MPC's most amazing product to date. The artifacts are incredible and look great on my shelf. The puzzles are outstanding and the attention to detail is as always impeccable."

-John Q

Sold out

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