About Us!

Welcome to the Storm Crow, purveyors of the best nerdy stuff in the multiverse!

The Storm Crow started as a series of Canadian "nerd bars" founded by veteran videogame designer Jason Kapalka. The Storm Crow Alehouse in Vancouver and Storm Crow Manor in Toronto are community spaces where you might never see a hockey game on the TV, where board, card and role-playing games are not just tolerated but encouraged, and where everything from the decor on the walls to the design of the menus are filled with fantasy, science fiction and horror fandom.

Once the Covid-19 pandemic hit and our science fiction obsession became science-fact reality, we knew we needed to expand our horizons. While the bars were closed and our community couldn't come to us, we needed to bring our particular brand of geek chic to them.

All of our goodies are designed in, and shipped from, Vancouver, BC on Canada’s beautiful west coast.

We hope you love our extremely nerd things as much as we love designing and making them. Which is A LOT.

Questions? Comments? Need someone to talk to about your favourite obscure nerd obsession? Send us an email at shopkeep@stormcrow.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Are you a retailer looking to purchase our products wholesale? Hoping to make a bulk purchase for corporate gifts or another purpose? Shoot a note to khaleesi@stormcrow.com and we'll chat!