The Storm Crow Nerdy Family Model Search!

Are you a family? Do you want something cooler than matching pyjamas this holiday season? Come join our Nerdy Family Model Search!

We're looking for a few good families to get matchy-matchy in our Storm Crow tees, tanks and masks, which are MUCH cooler than matching pyjamas.

"Family" means something different to everyone, and families come in all shapes, sizes and formats. You don't need to be related by blood or marriage, just by love.

We particularly encourage families to apply who represent the diversity of the human experience, and who are from groups that are traditionally under-represented in media in general and in nerd media in particular. This includes but is not limited to LGBTQIA2S+ families, BIPOC families and other families of colour, families that celebrate non-Christmas holidays (yes, Festivus counts), and families that include members with physical disabilities or differences.

You don't have to be conventionally "beautiful" or "handsome" to be a model family. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (though hopefully not this kind of Beholder).

Our youth tees are available in youth sizes S-XL. Our adult tanks are available in sizes XS-XL, depending on the design, and our unisex tees are available in sizes S-4XL. We'd love to be able to showcase the full size range of the tees!

The deadline to enter the model search is Friday, December 4th, at midnight PST.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Two Storm Crow tees, tanks and/or masks of your choice for each member of your family (one of these should be the same for each family member so that you can match; the other can be whatever you'd like!)
  • A $100 credit to the Storm Crow online store for each member of your family
  • A $50 honourarium for each member of your family
  • The chance to be featured with your family on the Storm Crow social and digital channels

Here's what we'll need from you if you're chosen:

  • A few high-quality, high-resolution, clear photos of your family wearing the matching tees, tanks and/or masks, sent to us by Sunday, December 13th. Please apply only if local bylaws allow you to be together, especially if you are in different households. Pandemic, etc.
  • A model release form (sorry, we know, paperwork; we gotta).

Here's how you enter:

  • Send us three photos of your family, doing whatever you/they enjoy doing (standard photo formats only, please). Not every family member needs to be in every photo, but each family member should be in at least one. These photos will not be shared with anyone.
  • Include a short paragraph about your family. How did you meet? What do you love about each other? What makes you a family?
  • All entries should be emailed to

Who is eligible:

  • All human families, with up to six people. (You're allowed to have a family bigger than six! But only six of you can be in the model family.)
  • The search is open to families worldwide, but if you're too far from Canada, we may not be able to get your gear to you in time for a photo. 
  • Void where prohibited by law.